Our Approach

Chris has a built a reputation in Sleaford over the last 12 years for being able to control & resolve both acute & chronic pain complaints where other treatment approaches have failed. Combining his osteopathic knowledge with the ground breaking approach from the Prague School of Rehabilitation, gives Chris the ability to have a deeper understanding of how pain can occur in the body and therefore how to resolve it. 

The Prague School, under the guidance of the world renowned physiotherapist Prof. Pavel Kolar, teaches a new approach to understanding the body, based on the way we move and how our neurology controls that movement. This allows an understanding of what “normal” movement and posture is, how abnormal movement leads to pain, and therefore how to get a body back to working as it should in a pain free efficient way. Using a combination of techniques and exercise regimes from the Prague School, with the osteopathic method of releasing tensions from the musculoskeletal system, results in a total body integrated approach to the neuromuscular system that produces remarkable results which speak for themselves.